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Success Stories

Case Study of
Rajalakshmi Mohanty

Rajalakshmi Mohanty

Rajalakshmi Mohanty is a member of Om Sai Ram SHG of Balipatna, Odisha. She lives along with her husband and two children.

Rajalakshmi has been borrowing from Annapurna for quite some time. With her first loan from Annapurna, she assisted her husband in improving their cattle-shed, as their main occupation was dairy farming.  Though it was a profitable venture, but the income received from it wasn’t enough to suffice their monthly expenses, as she wanted to provide their children with quality education.

In one of the financial literacy training programs organized by the company, she came to know about the dairy loans provided by Annapurna for people who are already involved in dairy business along with a constructed cattle-shed at their home. She applied for the loan of INR 32000 from the company which was at a reducing interest rate of 23%.

From that amount and her savings in the group and at personal level, she purchased a Red Sindhi breed and fodder with it. With this business expansion, the earnings from her dairy increased substantially and she had been making profits ever since upgraded her business.

Financial Literacy trainings built her capacity to learn, whereas the dairy loan provided the opportunity to earn.





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